Superbad special premiere for Pests!


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Go see it, it is a funny movie, anyone that likes O&A will really like this movie.


I did the email and phone thing and it said that they are overbooking tomorrow and to show up early and that my name was on some rsvp list so i guess you gotta pick the tickets up there...what you think the chances are of you actually getting a ticket and how early you think is good to be there

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this looks like a really funny movie...I normally don't want to see movies, but this looks funny.


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It'll be great.
Hearing the moans of the audience as they watch a douche chill filled movie.
I wish I could be there.


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There are a lot of hot chicks in the teasers.
I called and left a message and do i gotta do now? wait for a response? Im taking this girl..who i've been wanting to bang for years now, she has a b/f of course. lol


Anyone know if you are 100 % guarenteed a ticket if you rsvped and got a reply or is it first come first serve to every1 ?
First come first, the girl on the phone said show up at least an hour before, but im gonan go like 2 hours in advance...


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I saw this a couple weeks ago and it is honestly one of the funniest comedies I had seen in years. Probably since 40 Year Old Virgin. I was constantly laughing. I CANNOT wait until Jonah and Michael get in studio.

Also, for these special previews, the companies purposely overbook these things so there aren't empty seats. I suggest getting there an hour ahead of time. It's VERY much worth the wait.