Support The National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum


(not to be confused w/the "Donkey Sausage Chick")
Hey guys (and girls)...

I've been on Wackbag since '04, and have seen both the wrath and generosity of the board.... but our generosity and ability to band together is what gives us our strength. From the 'NEW days, to the start of the Pest attacks with the Danza board to today, I've been proud to be an O&A listener.

So I'm going to do what a rare few have done. I'm going to reveal my real name to the masses.... and at the same time ask for your support. I am riding from NYC to Washington, DC in the Police Unity Tour on May 9. This 300 mile bicycle ride will take me and hundreds of others 4 days to complete. The money I am looking to raise will not only send a generous donation to the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum in DC, but will also provide me with food, water, support, and lodging during my ride to our nation's capital. I have a long way to go to my goal. Any donation is appreciated..... not to mention 100% tax deductable.