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So is it safe to say that no one gives a shit about this upcoming season?

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Just commenting to get this thread on the first page since someone started another thread.

I enjoyed the episode last night. Really enjoying that banker chicks tits
I did a search for survivor and didn't see this thread so I started the other one. I'm in... also agree on the banker tits.


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Just commenting to get this thread on the first page since someone started another thread.

I enjoyed the episode last night. Really enjoying that banker chicks tits
The Brazilians ass was pretty damn impressive as well as the teen pageant winner or whatever she won
I'm still on the fence whether to watch this season or not, but all of the Jeff Kent talk makes me not want to watch.
I guess he tears his knee up, and will be off soon? Was there no vote off on the first episode, or his team won I guess. I'd like to see Kent, I guess? But not for 1 episode.
But I do remember saying something along the lines of who gives a shit about Kent when the news first came out he was on


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Thats not a spoiler. It happened in the first 10 min of the episode.

RC had the line of the night for me. She's an investment banker and didnt want to tell anyone. But then said if she can hail a cab in 6 inch heels in the rain. She should be able to handle survivor. WTF

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Yeah, I would not mind doing dirty things with the ex beauty queen.

Not a bad start. Looks like most on the island are players. They seem to get it. Lately, most are just dolts.


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That Roxie chick sure is annoying. her facial expressions were driving me nuts


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Damn you Flush, I cant stop looking at that pic.

Roxie had to go she was getting annoying. What the hell language was she speaking anyway. Hot chick is extremely stupid but keep her to look at.


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Oh and shocker. The Brazilian chic is crazy. I cant wait for that alliance to implode


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I got this from grantland. Did Russell really say this line???

3. Russell: "Angie, hot young chick with the ... looks like she got some boob thing going on, but ya know, they're poppin' up all over the place. And I don't blame Malcolm for wanting to go slap them titties, but get your bang on somewhere else." (WHAT?!? DID HE JUST SAY "SLAP THEM TITTIES" ON PRIME-TIME CBS? Is "slap them titties" even a thing people say? I must have gotten this wrong, but boy am I glad I did … )
I'm bored... I'm in; Catching up tonight
4 minutes in and I hate the straw-fedora comeback guy. I didn't know caught-on-fire guy was back either
There's no god damn way "Facts of Life Blair" gets recognized "all the time"

For some reason CBS.Com just takes random commercials, not along with the real commercial breaks.

I wanna bang the sex therapist
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The "Exec Assistant/Banker" from now on I'm calling Giggly-Big-Tits
Wow, the black seminary girl turned out to be quite the little cunt.
I loved her look when the blonde beauty queen was like, "Well, I'd snuggle with you... but..."
She shot her that look like, "Bitch I ain't no fag... god hates fags"

I do love how every season there's 1 downtrodden tribe that just never wins.

And how about the one guy who's been on 3 times and his "The rain washed my contact out of my eye! So I had to go look for my glasses under the hut!"
And everyone was like, "Yeah, that can happen..." It can rain so hard, and literally knock the contacts off your eye, no problems with that story, huh?

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Why is it that if you are a hot POA, your life expectancy on Survivor is just about nil?


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How long before the Brazilian chic goes completely off on someone. I can't wait till they go to Tribal. That should be really interesting

Russell isnt that good at this game. You would think he would be a monster physically. But he just stinks at the challenges and doesn't realize that he stinks. That's the major problem.