Survivor Series Tonight!!!

How many peeps are gonna check this PPV out tonight it should be a good one. Suvivor Series has been the PPV where people have gotten screwed over the last few years do you think we will see another twist in the Stone Cold story line or what else do you think will happen that could be major?
Yes Stone Cold is at his best when he is kicking ass and does extreme crazy things that we all want to do but never would.
dude thats what always made austin so great, yeah rock cuts great promos. But what does rocky do? Austin does insane things bear traps,monster trucks, throwing belts off bridges, blowing up buses, the forklift at survivor series rocked.

But now he has taken his attitude to a new level he is just plain old nasty now.
They really need to take a break from The Rock for awhile. Who do you think will be the next WWF Superstar to get a big push?
they really need to push jericho the people would love to see him as the champion, remmber the ovation he got when he "beat" HHH on raw but then had the decision reversed? Yeah he can carry all these jabronie mid-carders but he is the furture of the wwf and they need to start using him right.

He needs to fued with the rock, with their mic skills just the promos would be incredible.When jericho 1st showed up on the scene remember he cut in during a rock promo. They shouldhaveflown with that. Then they started again a few weeks ago and remember the promo they cut together it was unbelieveable I was laughing my ass off when jericho did If Ya Smellalalalala.

Also Tazz itwouldbe hard for him to be world champ in wwf cause of his size. But atleast ligh heavy or intercontinental. Imagine is they bring back the old taz and have him fued with austin sometime next year?
Jericho will have his push soon hopefully.
Tazz would be cool i could see him being a good intercontinetial champ. A Taz/Austin feud would rock. Taz is short but wasnt Bret Hart short as well.