Suspect caught after posting Facebook comment under own wanted pic


Authorities say a suspect wanted for robbery in southwest Florida was apprehended after he posted Facebook comments under his wanted photo.

Pasco County Sheriff's Office posted a photo of 23-year-old Matthew Oliver on their Facebook page Wednesday as part of their Fugitive of the Day program.

A short time later, deputies said Oliver posted comments under the photo. Officials did not elaborate on what Oliver wrote.

Bay News 9 reports Oliver was arrested without resistance Friday as he walked outside of an apartment complex wearing a camouflage jacket with the hood up.

Quite the fucktard...


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Seems they deleted the comment but the post is still up.

I lied, there are 2 different posts/pics of the dummy. His post:

  • Matt OliverYou guys are going to pay for A. Believing a crack head. and B. Slandering my name. I already heard about this whole thing and I was in the hospital the day of. This is bullshit all I have to do is accuse someone and they get in trouble, Pasco County has nothing but fools investigating crimes for them that's why these mix up happen.
    July 10 at 8:06am · Like · 42

  • Matt OliverI get out of the hospital for 2 months and I have to come back to this shit. I swear on everything I own Pasco County WILL be held responsible for this.
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  • Matt OliverAnd by the way dick bag that picture was for my license, I think it would look weirder if I wasn't smiling.


Darkness always says hello.
Moar posts:

  • Matt OliverLol first of all Im a Mechanical Engineer what do you slouches do? and second of all I'm not a criminal. The warrant was Deactivated for a reason. And your insults about big ears don't faze me because I'm better looking than ALL of you lol. And Pasco County IS going to pay for slandering my name youll all see it in the paper one day.
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  • Matt Oliverand thank you jake that's exactly what I was thinking lol. nothing but a bunch of fat old stupid people or young people to young to have kids but they do anyways running there mouths. and btw way guys if the police were REALLY looking for me they would have already looked for my fb so me commenting on this wouldn't make a difference. Talk about being stupid you guys need to check out your local library soon. You reading a book is long over due.
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  • Matt Oliverand go ahead and check online and see if theres still a warrant out because there isn't.


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Gotta give him credit for knowing the difference in "faze" and "phase".

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Authorities say a suspect wanted for robbery in southwest Florida
What was he arrested for? Stealing butter or sumptin'?
I figured it was one of two for GTR...Dumbass Redneck, didn't disappoint