Suspension quarter?


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I went back about half a dozen pages or so and was wondering, what was the effect on XM's quarterly during the suspension quarter?


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To the best of my knowledge, it was not as pronounced as we would have liked. Not because people did not cancel their subs, but because they re-subscribed (a lot of them anyway) the day (or soon after) the boys came back, which was in the same fiscal quarter. So, if 200,000 people cancelled (only a number used for examples) on May 15 and 185,000 of those people re-subbed on June 15 and the reporting quarter ended the last day of June, XM reports a 15,000 sub loss, not a 200,000 loss. This was why many people here were urging or wanring people who had cancelled to wait until July 1 to re-subscribe. Unfortunately, few if any listened.

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XM loses about 6,500 subs a day when everything is running smoothly. You figure it out... :rolleyes:


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plus a lot of units were never shut off, even though the account was cancelled.

try buying a used unit on ebay, chances are it will still be active


yea i bought a refurbished inno and it worked for about a week before i had to subscribe
actually it worked until i tried to record something then it shut off


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My unit continued to work for another 6 weeks after I cancelled, until I disconnected it from the antenna (disconnecting the power had no effect). So even though I got all my money back from XM, who knows if they counted it as cancelled.


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Kinda odd that I sold my Myfi with my old truck, and when I talked to the guy that bought it about 3 weeks after he bought it, the radio was still active. I have not been billed or heard anything from XM, so I assume it's off.


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I was just wondering what the impact was as I looked over at my dusty delphi boombox with the gaping hole where the reciever once was. Maybe I'll use this nice fall day to pull the car kit out of the car. Good thing I never bothered to get it all hardwired in.


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The Delphi MyFi I bought on ebay three months ago is still active, I returned the other one. I've recorded with it, so that won't deactivate it. The stuff that was recorded on it was like easy listening black music, so maybe it was stolen from a nagger and resold? Who knows.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
well since i still havent re subbed my one vote counted.........:icon_roll


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opie and anthony are still on the radio. that is the only affect that mattered.