Swiss ice hockey player paralyzed after being pushed into end boards

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A Swiss ice hockey player has been left paralyzed after being cross-checked into the boards from behind during a second division league playoff game Tuesday night.
Doctors treating Swiss ice hockey player Ronny Keller at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre say he sustained “permanent spinal paralysis” after damage to his fourth thoracic vertebra.
The club said that Keller had not suffered brain damage and was due to be released from intensive care soon.
“He’s awake, able to speak normally and has been informed of the results of the accident,” they said.
In a statement, the Swiss Ice Hockey Association said it was “overwhelmed” by what had happened to Keller.
“He is in all of our thoughts, as are his family and friends,” it said.
On the play in question during the first overtime period, Keller and Langenthal forward Stefan Schnyder are seen racing for the puck into the corner at which point Keller turns slightly to his left in an attempt to slow down his momentum and Schnyder pushes him, driving him head first into the end boards. Keller remained motionless on the ice, reportedly telling officials he could not feel his legs before a neck brace was applied and he was loaded onto a stretcher as fans and players looked on with concern clearly on their faces.
The Swiss league says it has opened a disciplinary case against Schnyder, who has been suspended for the remainder of the season while Swiss media reported that Schnyder has been questioned by police.
Schnyder said he is “haunted” by the incident and regretted his actions, telling the newspaper Blick that his intention was to get to the puck before Keller. At the time of the comments, he was unaware of Keller’s diagnosis.
Langenthal later said Schnyder was deeply upset and was receiving counselling after learning of Keller's condition.



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