Syndication means all new rules

Is it ok to get excited over that plug?

I learned that O&A are actually hated more when they arrive in a new town then when they are run out of town.

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It's just the purge, they explained it yesterday. Once they get rid of the "hey play some music" morons, they'll be fine.
It's hard hearing every thing explained all over again, but it's a new audience..they have to do it.
No doubt! Trust me I understand. I was listening to WNEW when Scottso was on and O&A first came in. I think it is kewl to hear all these people talk about how O&A will fail and how they suck. They will either disappear or change their minds real fast. It reminds me of when they would fight with the woman (sorry I don't remember her name) who did classic rock after their show and she was trying to tell them how they would be out of a job within months. They are still here. Where is she? I think O&A are handling the purge really well. Just laugh it off. It will be funny how attitudes will change after a few weeks of getting to know the show.
OMG, Trooper
You're killin' me. Now I can't remember her name either,and it's driving me nuts.
Steele ? (not Allison..) maybe Patty?
Remember that bit where they kept routing that caller to her car phone, etc.
I went through that purge too, it's not pretty, but they'll be okay. The poor PD in Philly tho' he thought the first day would be easy. They warned him yesterday. ;)


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IT was a rough day for the guys. It was cool that some of the show's friends showed up to ease the pain. You can tell norton was listening to the show on the way in. He was pissed when he came on the air. I was dying when he told that guy to go drink AIDS at a picnic, or something to that effect. It was rough, but as you guys said they have been in this position before and as we all know O & A always win in the end!
Carol Miller!!!!

Sorry that came to me out of the blue and I had to post it before I forgot it again. I think that was her name. It would be great if they played some of the arguments with her again. She was saying a lot of the stuff that the people from Philly are saying. Talking about how they aren't funny and won't last. It would kinda give some people a perspective.
Thanks StormTrooper,
That was driving me nuts. Those were some great bits with her. Remember when she came into the studio and tried to shred them? LOL.
Day two seems to be going a lot better,they're more relaxed and just doing the show, as it should be. ;)