Syrian tank battle play by play with subtitles

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General Patton would not be impressed, but this is pretty interesting. It seems the Syrian government puts out the better propaganda. Much better production value.

I guess this is what their armored infantry tactics look like. for more details on the fighting


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It's actually very sound tactics they're using. The command and control could use some work. Screaming directions into a radio isn't a very efficient but I'm surprised to see the lengths they go to protect their infantry.


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from the looks of things, they are not sure which tank they are in. if the guy keeps yelling and you are moving, he must be talking to you.

those look like our Abrams tanks but I am in no way a tank expert

could be chinky knock offs ;)


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It's astounding to me the way so many people drive there cars right through the middle of a fucking tank battle like it's just a normal part of their day.