Syrian tanks shell residential areas.


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Now, here’s why this matters to us. Left unchecked, we have every reason to believe that Gadhafi would commit atrocities against his people. Many thousands could die. A humanitarian crisis would ensue.
The entire region could be destabilized, endangering many of our allies and partners.
The calls of the Libyan people for help would go unanswered. The democratic values that we stand for would be overrun.
Moreover, the words of the international community would be rendered hollow.
And that’s why the United States has worked with our allies and partners to shape a strong international response at he United Nations.
Obama, March 2011.

About all that humanitarian stuff...
The Security Council members gathered for closed consultations on Monday, following demands from European powers to condemn Assad's deadly crackdown on opposition protests.

Syrian forces on Sunday killed around 140 people across the country, including more than 100 in Hama, scene of an Islamist revolt in 1982 that was crushed at the cost of an estimated 20,000 lives.

Rami Abdel Rahman, who heads the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, described Sunday as "one of the deadliest days" since the anti-regime protests broke out in mid-March and said seven more people were killed on Monday in Syria.

"Ten tanks are shelling Dawar Bilal indiscriminately," an activist told AFP in Nicosia as the booms of explosions were heard in the background. He was referring to a residential area on the outskirts of Hama.

The head of the Syrian League for the Defence of Human Rights, Abdel Karim Rihawi, told AFP that "intense shooting" was heard across Hama late Monday, the first night of the Muslim dawn-to-dusk fasting month of Ramadan.

The official SANA news agency said troops were locked in clashes with "saboteurs" in the city.

"The army is pursuing its mission in Hama and is removing barricades erected by groups of saboteurs at the entrances of the city," SANA said.

Assad on Monday marked Army Day by showering his troops with praise even as international condemnation swelled ahead of the UN meeting on the crisis.

The army had "proved its loyalty to its people, country and creed," Assad said.

"Its efforts and sacrifices will be admired. These sacrifices succeeded in foiling the enemies of the country and ending sedition, preserving Syria."

The embattled president also visited wounded soldiers in a Damascus hospital and said "all Syrians appreciate the army," SANA reported.

More than 1600 civilians and 369 members of the army and security forces have been killed since mid-March in Syria, according to the Observatory.

Abdel Rahman said four more civilians were killed by security forces on Monday in Hama while a boy aged 13 and another person were shot dead in the eastern town of Al-Bukamal.

Another civilian was shot in the head by security forces in Muadhamiya, in the Damascus region, and at least five were wounded on Monday, the Observatory said, a day after the army launched a military operation there.

Abdel Rahman also reported that tanks rumbled on Monday into Al-Bukamal, on the border with Iraq, two weeks after troops surrounded the town which official media said was used to smuggle in weapons and money.

Reinforcements were also dispatched further north to Deir Ezzor, another rallying point of anti-regime protests where troops deployed on Saturday.

"More than 80 tanks are heading there, in what appears to be the prelude to a vast military operation," said Abdel Rahman, quoting residents in Deir Ezzor, Syria's oil hub.

Troops backed by tanks also stormed the town of Al-Hulla, northwest of Syria's third city Homs, where residents reported heavy gunfire and said 15 people were wounded and 18 arrested, according to the Observatory.

Tanks were also closing in Zabadani and troops erected barricades to seal off the town northwest of Damascus, according to Rihawi.
For length.


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Savages killing savages...meh
Yeah, I couldn't fucking care less either, but don't try and act like Libya is some humanitarian mission to uphold the American ideals of freedom and blah blah blah.


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I'm just frustrated by the complete lack of competence in the Libya move.

Fucking retarded.

You don't say from the outset that you're not going to send in ground troops. Apparently, President Obama didn't learn President Clinton's lesson from Kosovo: the locals don't fear your bombing campaigns. They fear your ground troops. The threat to send in ground troops was enough to get Milosovic to step down, but President Obama goes with the decision to keep it an air campaign, and to start the air campaign 2 weeks too late.

It's been going on for 5 months, and the Libyan rebels still aren't back to their high-tide mark from 2 weeks before we got involved. Go in 2 weeks earlier (3-4 weeks, really, but still), and this thing would have been wrapped up months ago. There would still be the ridiculous infighting among the rebels that we're seeing now, but it wouldn't threaten to keep Kadaffi on his throne. Instead, by waiting, we've been wasting munitions for the last 5 months, getting more Libyans killed doing this the "humane" way, and the outcome is still highly uncertain (read: Kadaffi doesn't look like he's going down any time soon, and I think I've got a decent shot at getting that $20 off of somebody...).

This is typical retarded foreign policy shit from the Obama Administration.


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What are we up to, 5 or 6 simultaneous illegal wars now?


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Yeah, I couldn't fucking care less either, but don't try and act like Libya is some humanitarian mission to uphold the American ideals of freedom and blah blah blah.
I could give two shits and a fuck about Libya either sir.


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I could give two shits and a fuck about Libya either sir.
Let me just fix this for everyone: I couldn't give two shits about anyone else in the fucking world. Let these faggot, savage, idiots kill everyone else. I don't fucking care. I would not trade 1 single American life for the entire middle east. The point of this thread was to show the hypocrisy in Mr. Sympathy Obama's bullshit explanation of why we needed to spend a few billion dollars in Libya.