Tables, Ladders, & Chairs - WWE PPV 12/18

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Intercontinental Championship Match (I think): Cody Rhodes (C) vs. Booker T said:
For weeks, Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes and Booker T have been at odds with each other, exchanging heated words and a series of ambush attacks.

At WWE TLC, it’s put up or shut up time for both Superstars, who are embroiled in one of the most emotional wars right now in WWE. Losing this match would be a tough pill to swallow for either verbose Superstars. For the winner, it could very well direct the course of his future in WWE.

For Rhodes – who is seeking his first singles World Championship – a victory over a veteran like Booker could be just the thing he’s looking for to help catapult his career to the next level.

For Booker – who has not competed at all this year and focused on announcing – capturing his second Intercontinental Championship could very well be the final punctuation mark on an already impressive career in the ring. (MORE ON BOOKER'S CAREER: CODY PICKED THE WRONG MAN TO ANGER)

Things finally came to a head between the two Superstars on the Dec. 9 edition of SmackDown, when Rhodes attacked Booker as he entered the arena. Later that night, Booker retaliated by assaulting the Intercontinental Champion during his match with Daniel Bryan (WATCH). Realizing a match between the two was necessary sooner rather than later, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long announced the two would do battle at WWE TLC.

After not competing for so long, does Booker have what it takes to win in the ring? Can Rhodes score a victory against such a formidable veteran? Find out at WWE TLC, Sunday Dec. 18 at 8 ET/5 PT, only on pay-per-view.

Tables Match: Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett said:
Viper is defined as any snake belonging to the family Viperidae, characterized by protruding venom-conducting fangs.

Most men would steer clear of such a malevolent creature but Wade Barrett has proven himself to be bolder than most men. Since winning WWE NXT’s inaugural season, Barrett has managed to work his way up WWE’s food chain, first as the leader of The Nexus, then as founder of The Corre and now as the one man “Barrett Barrage.” The former bare-knuckled fighting champion is looking to knock off Randy Orton as WWE’s “Apex Predator.”

In Liverpool, England, on SmackDown, Barrett managed to escape the RKO and used a thumb to Orton’s eye to steal a victory. If that weren’t enough, Team Barrett outlasted Team Orton at Survivor Series when Barrett pinned The Viper with the help of his fellow survivor, Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes. (PHOTOS)

Since then, the British grappler has been stalking Orton and has made it clear that he feels beating the youngest World Heavyweight Champion once and for all will clear his path to holding that same prize.

On the Dec. 9 edition of SmackDown, Randy Orton defeated Dolph Ziggler faster than Wade Barrett, and as a result of that Beat The Clock challenge, won the right to choose the stipulation for their match at TLC. Without a word being spoken, Barrett “suggested” a Tables Match and Orton “agreed” at the expense of Ziggler. (WATCH)

Will it be Orton or Barrett looking over a broken table and possibly also the broken body and spirit of their opponent? We’ll find out on Dec. 18 at TLC.

Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match for the WWE Championship: CM Punk (C) vs. The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio said:
WWE Champion CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio and The Miz will square off in a Triple Threat Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match with the WWE Title on the line. Only one man can leave a winner when the current and two former WWE Champions meet in the first-ever Triple Threat TLC Match for the WWE Championship at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, live on pay-per-view Sunday, Dec. 18.

Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis announced this high-octane match where the Superstars will use tables, ladders and chairs as weapons and as tools to reach the WWE Title, which will be suspended some 20 feet in the air over the ring. Dangerous, harrowing and thrilling, TLC matches push competitors to the limit physically and mentally as they battle at dizzying heights in their quest for squared circle immortality.

The Miz and Del Rio had to defeat two SmackDown Superstars - Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, respectively - on Raw Supershow to earn their spots in the WWE TLC Match. While John Cena was named as another participant, he gave up his chance at the WWE Title to give his friend, Zack Ryder, an opportunity to earn a U.S. Title Match against Dolph Ziggler.

CM Punk celebrates his WWE Championship win over Alberto Del Rio with fans at Madison Square Garden.Since CM Punk won the WWE Championship from Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series (PHOTOS), The Mexican Aristocrat has been pining for an opportunity to get the title back. Although he was unsuccessful in his first bid to recapture the WWE Championship, Del Rio can look forward to another crack at The Second City Savior, along with another dangerous former champion.

The Miz, the third competitor in the Triple Threat Match, is flying solo after separating from tag team partner R-Truth. After The Rock and John Cena defeated The “Awesome Truth” at Survivor Series, the Cenation leader confronted The Miz and R-Truth. He played mind games on the underhanded pair, culminating in them turning on each other and Miz blasting Truth with a brutal Skull Crushing Finale on the steel entrance ramp. (PHOTOS)

A loner again, The Awesome One looks to regain the WWE Championship and then get revenge on Cena. Not one to be limited to one rivalry, The Miz attacked CM Punk. Having to defend himself from Del Rio and The Miz, Punk must feel like he’s being assailed on all sides; and that includes certain WWE management.

The Miz is never at a loss for words as he again roves the WWE landscape as a loner.John Laurinaitis has been having difficulties with the title holder. “The Voice of the Voiceless” has already promised change and overhaul as he continues his second reign as WWE Champion (PHOTOS). This does not appear to sit very well with the Interim GM, who is unable to even say "CM Punk" and "WWE Champion" in the same sentence. Laurinaitis placing Punk in such a difficult and grueling match is certainly a questionable decision.

All bets are off when WWE Champion CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio and The Miz step into the ring for a Triple Threat Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match on Dec. 18. No matter which Superstar is victorious, the WWE Universe will see exciting, high-flying action.

Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Mark Henry (C) vs. Big Show said:
At WWE TLC, World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry will once again lock horns with Big Show in a World Title slug fest of gigantic proportions.

On Dec. 8, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long revealed to that the two titans will collide in a Chairs Match.

The fuse for the colossal competitors' explosive showdown was lit at WWE Money in the Bank, when Henry sent The World's Largest Athlete to his infamous Hall of Pain – trapping his giant adversary's leg inside a chair before dropping down onto it from the ropes. (PHOTOS)

A rage-filled Big Show returned from injury with retribution on his mind, igniting a World Heavyweight Title battle between the two goliath Superstars at Vengeance that literally could not be contained. When Henry suplexed Big Show off the top rope, the shock waves made the ring collapse beneath them. Though the earth-shattering impact made history, the WWE Universe was denied a clear victor in the mega clash of the titans. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

Their brutal rematch at Survivor Series would prove just as intense and just as inconclusive. Though the ring was reinforced, the bitter collision between the two larger-than-life grapplers could not be so easily controlled. After Henry got himself intentionally disqualified and failed to once again induct his giant foe into the Hall of Pain – The World’s Largest Athlete turned the tables – injuring Henry to such an extent that the World Heavyweight Champion would not walk out of the arena. (PHOTOS)

Despite his injury, Henry overcame Mr. Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan in a Steel Cage Match on a special live edition of SmackDown – clearing the road for the monumental third act of this World Title trilogy of pain between Henry and his humongous No. 1 contender.

On the Dec. 9 edition of SmackDown, things came to a head between the two massive foes when Henry sucker punched Show. In retaliation, The World’s Largest Athlete delivered a hellacious beating with a steel chair (WATCH).

Which massive competitor will emerge victorious when chairs become a completely legal weapon? Find out at WWE TLC, Sunday Dec. 18 at 8 ET/5 PT, only on pay-per-view.

Sledgehammer Ladder Match: Triple H vs. Kevin Nash said:
There was a time when Triple H and Kevin Nash were the best of friends: two Superstars bound by mutual respect unsullied by ego, money, or bad blood of any kind. They fought and bled together, slowly rising through the ranks of WWE. And yes, they would occasionally square off, but there was never a doubt that their differences would pass. They were, after all, friends.

This is not that time, and when Triple H and Nash face off in a Sledgehammer Ladder Match, with The Game's signature weapon up for grabs above their heads, it will be as enemies, not friends. The ring warrior who retrieves the weapon is free to use it against their enemy without any ramifications until there is a winner.

Nash tossed his friendship with The Game out the window months ago, after he returned at SummerSlam and, allegedly on Triple H's orders, drilled WWE Champion CM Punk into the canvas following Punk's championship match against John Cena, allowing Alberto Del Rio to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, claiming Punk's title for himself.

We now know this wasn't Triple H's idea, that Nash returned of his own volition to make an example of Superstars who he believed were disrespecting him. What Nash wanted all along was to renew his dominance in WWE, and expected Triple H - his friend - to stand aside and allow it.

This didn't happen, of course, and The Game, in his position of Chief Operating Officer and at the cost of their fraying friendship, was forced to fire Nash for insubordination only weeks after his return. (PHOTOS) It didn't stop Nash, who returned again in September, nearly costing Triple H his COO position at Night of Champions and prompting a mass walkout of WWE Superstars, who claimed a vote of no confidence in Triple H's leadership as a result of Nash's unpredictable appearances. When Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis was promoted to Interim Raw General Manager, Nash was hired back and made his presence felt against his former friend, attacking Triple H at Vengeance and, the next night on Raw, taking The Game out of action with his own sledgehammer. (WATCH)

Things have been quiet since then. But now, Triple H is back. The match is made, the stage is set, and the friendship is a thing of the past. And at WWE TLC, with the sledgehammer hanging above and ladders at their disposal, these former friends will settle their score, once and for all.

Who will prevail? Find out at WWE TLC, Sunday Dec. 18, at 8 ET/5PT, only on pay-per-view.

United States Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler (C) vs. Zack Ryder said:
Will Zack Ryder finally get a United States Championship Match against Dolph Ziggler? Woo Woo Woo! You know it!

At WWE TLC: Tables Ladders and Chairs, the self proclaimed Internet Champion will finally have an opportunity to win his first recognized WWE singles title, thanks to his No. 1 Broski, John Cena.

On the Dec. 5 edition of Raw SuperShow, Cena selflessly agreed to Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim Raw General Manager, John Laurinaitis’ stipulation that The Cenation Commander-in-Chief forego a WWE Championship Match himself in order for Long Island Iced-Z to get one last opportunity to earn a United States title bout. All Ryder needed to do was defeat Mr. Laurinaitis’ handpicked opponent, The World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry in a match with no disqualifications and no count-outs! The overwhelming expectation of the WWE Universe was that the Twitter-trending leader of the” Zack Pack” was going to be the next inductee into The World Strongest Man’s “Hall of Pain.”

When all hope seemed lost and Ryder’s title-free match pinfall victory over Ziggler and almost 25,000 twitition signatures seemed moot, Cena charged the ring, took advantage of the fact that there were no disqualifications and assured that Ryder won the contest. In doing so, Ryder finally won the opportunity to challenge Dolph for the United States Championship.

Will Zack make the most of this opportunity he’s worked so hard for and be able hang the United States Title next to his Christmas stocking and headband? Not if the longest reigning champion in WWE stays true to form. Over the last few months, Ziggler’s win-loss record in title-free matches has been less than stellar but he’s continuously found a way to win when it really counts, in title matches. Dolph has also had two matches on the last two WWE pay-per-view events. At TLC, he’ll be completely focused on deleting the Internet Champion from title contention once and for all.

Can Zack show up the showoff and win the vaunted United States Championship? We’ll find out at WWE TLC on Dec. 18, live on pay-per-view.

Should be an entertaining night...I expect them to put the US Title on Ryder and try to elevate Ziggler into the WWE Title picture. Henry probably retains the title against Show, they probably tease Bryan cashing in the title and then don't do it. Maybe Kane interferes or something like that


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Cody Def. Booker by DQ setting up for a match at the Rumble
Orton def. Barrett
Mark Henry Def. Big Show
CM Punk def. Miz and Del Rio
HHH def. Nash and Nash just fades away because he can't wrestle anymore.
Zack Ryder becomes the new United States Champion.

I'd like to see a Ziggler vs. Cena feud in order to elevate Ziggler to the main event picture and really establish him.

Anyone think that once this buy-rate comes in and it sucks, Vince will freak out, say that Punk can't draw and take the belt off of him? I really hope not, but you never know with Vince.

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I think Vince is going to look at it like this...if the buyrate sucks, it'll be CM Punk's fault. If the buyrate is awesome, it'll be because HHH is back
Triple H carried the company for a couple of years. CM Punk hasn't proved himself yet.

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That's true, but you can't blame a bad buyrate on one guy when the writing has been completely and utterly dogshit


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And the sad part is they probably will. The writing for him has sucked but his mic skills are so clutch he has been able to propel himself as that top guy in the company. The reaction he got at MSG should have proved to Vince that this guy is THE guy. Hopefully the don't fuck this up.


I have a lot of business with the Chinese
Vince is surprisingly behind Punk, it took awhile but he likes his love of the biz even though they disagree a lot
Maybe I'm reading too much into this but maybe the reason why Cena isn't advertised for this PPV is because they want to test CM Punks ability to sell PPV's as the headliner.

(or maybe Cena is just hurt or something)


I have a lot of business with the Chinese
Maybe I'm reading too much into this but maybe the reason why Cena isn't advertised for this PPV is because they want to test CM Punks ability to sell PPV's as the headliner.

(or maybe Cena is just hurt or something)
He isn't hurt & you can be right
Its a weird time to leave Cena out bec its holiday time so kids might ask for this PPV as a gift


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They don't want Cena in too much t.v. or PPV stuff to jeopardize the Rock thing. That angle and WrestleMania is the company's baby all the way. They want Rock/Cena 1.2 million domestic or better. They will not risk that at a throwaway PPV and they certainly won't have him in a ladders match. Absolutely not.

Rhodes should remain IC champ and defend it at WrestleMania. That would be a top 15 reign in duration and a big deal in this hot potato era of title changes 3, 4, 5 times a year or more. Any face who beats him in a good long match would be elevated as well. I will be fuckin' pissed if Booker goes over. Booker doesn't need it at all and WWE can make two young guys with a Rhodes feud for the belt around Wrestlemania.

Henry should retain so he can drop it to Bryan or Sheamus and make them main eventer faces. Dolph needs to drop the mid card belt, he is main eventer ready. Ryder would be a good U.S. champ. Sure he is a rotten worker in the ring sometimes, but he is busting his ass and the fans still seem to like him so why not give him an attaboy reign and move Ziggler up the card?

I ain't gonna pay 55 bucks for it, but I'll watch it.


I have a lot of business with the Chinese
They don't want Cena in too much t.v. or PPV stuff to jeopardize the Rock thing. That angle and WrestleMania is the company's baby all the way. They want Rock/Cena 1.2 million domestic or better. They will not risk that at a throwaway PPV and they certainly won't have him in a ladders match. Absolutely not.
That might be it


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If this does a low buy rate it is because Del Rio is not compelling and Big Show/Henry for a third time, nobody wants to see that. I think people would rather have Sheamus or Daniel Bryan fight Henry.

Either way, if this is another bomb, Punk is going to be blamed.
Ryder won the IC title match. Caught the last second of it. Ziggler really knows how to sell that shitty /awful finisher of Ryder's. Watching in Spanish which, for a second, I thought would blow but these guys are much better than the dreadful Cole/King duo.

EDIT: I want to play slave girl with Alicia Foxx.

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Ouch. Teddy Long and the Midget. Rough place to start.

Hope Barrett wins vs Orton

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She's better than you, Smirkalicious.
Miss the days of Smacktalk. Heel would be smashing someone in the face, take their head in their hands and just give a "How you feeling? Like that?" Maybe yell at the crowd a bit. Added some flavor.

Barrett's bleeding. Miss the days of blood too.

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She's better than you, Smirkalicious.
And Barrett loses. Lame.

Ortons ok, but he's quickly turning into Cena with 5-6 moves and that's it. Change it up slackass.

Sheamus is tanning. Ha.

Oh Divas Match. Time to piss and get something to eat.

Booker looks like Kharma.

Holy shit will this Sledge match suck.