Tablet without a PC?


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I have an older aunt that doesn't have PC in her house. She'd like an iPad to surf the net with and do other mundane tasks with. Since she doesn't have a PC to manage her iTunes on and sync it to, I know that the iPad wouldn't do her any good. Would a Windows or Android tablet be any better for her? Or should I just suggest a cheaper laptop? I was hoping a tablet without having to link it to a PC would be better for her since it'd be lighter and easier for her to interact with (touch screen vs. tiny touch pad or mouse on a laptop).


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IOS now allows direct syncing to update it. If she buys books from Kindle or the ibooks store, apps, music and movies from itunes, she doesn't need a computer, just a wireless connection.

What types of activities would she use a tablet for?
Other then to root i have yet to connect my Asus tf300 to my computer and I really have no reason to what so ever. And I believe they will be about $300 or less very soon. And the best part is no iTunes


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My acer iconia android tablet gets connected to my PC to transfer movies, tv shows, and books to it, but it can just as easily stream the movies & tv shows, and books & music can easily be downloaded and synced from the sites themselves. I love my tablet; for a lot of day to day uses it def. beats out my main PC or my laptops.


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My aunt came over on Thanksgiving. She ended up going for an Acer 17.6" laptop for about $500 on HSN. She wanted their 4 flex pay plan.
I think just iPad would be enough. But small laptop might also be a good idea. I would personally go for the iPod though.