Taking Applications

I have Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 v2. I am now taking applications for sigs. You must supply your own image and I'll make it up. Fofo-chan, before yousay anything, I lost ur pics when my HD crashed. ^^ This post will also be in my forum too.


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OK cool I will find something for it thanx
Very cool of you, I'd like to submit a pic if it's okay?


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Hey ran-chan thanx so much for the sig pic

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hey no problem Fofo. Krusty, send it to ranma00@earthlink.net k? Put in the subject sig pic


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Thanks Ramma, but i just got photoshop so i wanna play with somethings myself :eek:

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sig test

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Mad skillz in PhotoDraw! Shit, you need a bible (which they do have) to learn the basics!