Tall People Problems!!


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I remember growing up that everyone wanted to be tall (For many reasons)

My Dad is 6'2 and my mom is 5'7 so I knew I wasn't going to be short.

I ended up being 6'4 ..... and while it does have its advantages ( Intimidation, Putting away things in high cabinets, reach advantage in fights) it also has a lot of drawbacks.

I'm 32 years old and my knee's are shot to shit

I barely fit in my car (mid sized jap car)

I hit my head on something almost every day

Any other over 6 foot Wackbagers encounter these problems???



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I'm 6'3". I literally could not fit in the passenger seat of my friend's 4Runner. I have a long torso and most shirts are too short and ride up on me. I have to get a 2XLT or a 3XL to fit me right.


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I used work with a 6'6" guy that needed to get surgeries on his leg/ankle and had to have a frankenstein contraption on it and tighten the screws. Mot sure if it was was completely height-related but fuck that.
6'5''. I have to slouch a little to fit beneath the shower head properly, and cars can be a problem. No limb problems though.
How often do you hit your head on things?
It depends. If I'm in a setting that I'm familiar with I hardly ever hit my head, but if I'm somewhere new I hit my head constantly. The biggest problem for me is cars, I'm constantly hitting my head as I get in and out.
One of my friends is 6'8". All kinds of problems, and gets stared at alot.


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I'm 6'5". My dad was 6'9" back before it was fashionable so I don't really consider myself tall. I went in an auto parts store today and told the lady to hang her cardboard sale sign higher. It hit me in the shoulder so it was a bit low. A single cab Chevy work pickup a few years back gave me a constant neckache from having to stoop down. The new extended cab lets me recline a bit and get a backache from laying back so far. When I was a kid I had a $100 Opel station wagon that seated my dad and I with plenty of room to spare. Amazing German design. All my leg problems are from injuries, not height, unless falling from a height counts.


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I'm 5'9". Or, as my father calls it, almost tall for a girl.


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I'm not tall enough for these problems
and I seem to be shrinking as I get older.


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I'm not tall enough for these problems
and I seem to be shrinking as I get older.
Cause, you are....after 30-40 you shrink about a third to a quarter of an inch per decade.


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Cause, you are....after 30-40 you shrink about a third to a quarter of an inch per decade.
I know and yet my feet are getting bigger.

In my 30's I wore a 9 1/2 , now it's a full size larger.


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6'4, sometimes a little lower back pain from always having to stoop for everything but no other physical complaints. I never hit my head anymore after living in Asia. I duck walking through a 9' doorway to this day.


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As in your other thread.....again, rollerskates and a steep flight of stairs are the answers.


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I'm 6'5" and my airline job (not a pilot) involves flying to a bunch of cities that only CRJs/Learjet serve...plus we reduced legroom in most of our mainline fleet recently, so that sucks all around. Other issues are constantly sticking my hands in a ceiling fan when changing shirts, and just a little bit short of hitting my head in the ceiling in Royal Caribbean cabins.


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I'm 6'5 wear a 15 size shoe.. It sucks sometimes but most of the time It is pretty nice though the ladies love a tall fella.