Tango & Cash

This has to be one of my favorite movies. Mav you made me think of this movie when you posted about the faculty.


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FUBAR!!! :D "You broke that jaw?" "That is an RV from hell". Just a couple of lines form that movie. One of my favorites too Jay. :D hey look we agree agian.
Yes we do agree again!!! How bout the scene with Teri Hatcher and Kurt Russell when she is on top of him trying to slide the disc back in his back and Stallone thinks he is banging his little sister.


I speak the human language
Oh yeah, all the sexual inuindos (<--proper spelling, I don't think so) are hysterical. I like the action in that movie too. That movie is a forgotten one. I wish they would show it more on cable. I like the part when they slide down the electrical wires with their belts, that whole seen was awesome.

Not to get off on a rant and ruin the thread, but all this talk of Sly stallone and jail, gets me thinking of the movie "Lock up", with him and Donald sutherland. That was also a really good movie.

Hey look another movie thread that sparks another movie thought. This section is actually pretty cool, I can go on and on about movies, I think I've seen em' all.


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I have never seen the movie....maybe I'll have to make it a blockbuster night sometime.