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Guys i just read that Taz will be making a special appearence on ECW Hardcore TV i think that is on tonight around 1am not sure.

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Yeah ECW Hardocre TV is on tonight (Saturday) at 1 in the morning on MSG. I didn't hear that Taz would be on but if they replay the Dudley one night only stuff, Taz was there. But was it Taz or Tazz? I think the WWF is ruining his character. Granted Tazz is multi-demensional and able to commentate and all, but he had to give up his unbeatable thug gimmick that ruled ECW. Well, maybe his toughness will return when he gets into the hardcore division. Tazz is funny but at the cost of not being tough. I would prefer the Taz that yelled and suplexed everyone over the Tazz that is funny and tries to get over. Well sorry to get off the subject there. Yeah ECW Hardcore is on Saturday nights at 1 in the morning, then of course I know you switch over to FOX5 at 2 to watch WOW. If you don't you should. It is funny as hell. It is the GLOW of the year 2000. Not good wrestling or any extremely hot woman but still entertaining. But then again I am .........

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I agree about Taz he should have never left ECW!!! Yeah i heard those women on WOW are hot i got to check that out.

running down Fn christmas trees on the streets of NY
I dont know what everyone else thought but i thought Taz's appearence on ECW last night SUCCCCKKKKEDDDDDDD!!! What the fuck i thought i was watching Dice on Arsenio Hall again. Fn Taz looked like he was about to start crying when he was babbling on about those 2 F tards. When you put yourself out there.

running down Fn christmas trees on the streets of NY
yeah it started off well it seemed like tha taz of old "Business Just Fuckin Picked Up" but then i agree tazz got all mushy and shit i mean come on he even came out to his wwf music not to his old ecw music. He put on one sloppy ass tazz mission. Where is the old taz i hate this fuckin tazz. Where's the mean motherfucker who never gave a shit about anyone and did what he wanted when he wanted?

bottom line is where is the man who always said.

I dont know Gonzo i dont know. I understand he is short and all but McMahon is just using him wrong i know Taz would friggin rock if he was the mean motherFer he was in ECW there could be so many people he could feud with.

running down Fn christmas trees on the streets of NY


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Taz is great he is one huge morther fr

Purssss 4 HER LITTLE SWEETY Metallica22 =)~
Yet also I am the "Hey Hon, Oh My God, The Fofster,hun pie, well ya person!!!!!!!! :)
Yeah Taz is great but he is no where near what he used to be in ECW.

taz worked his way from the bottom up everyone told him he could never be a main eventer let alone hold a heavyweight title he's only 5' 8" i beleive and no one under 6' 2" holds the title i mean come on this guy was mean and brutal and took all the risks he could take. Plus he had great mic skills and always cut great promos.

Tazz on the other hand likes being a commentator and now it is practically impossible for him to be a main eventer in wwf.

They gave hm a great enterance into the federation 3 months of that "mood is about to change" bullshit then he came in 1 year ago this month at the rumble and beat kurt angle now that was a great intro for him.

But then something went wrong they fucked up then tazz got injured for a couple months. Then he came back for that stupid ass jerry lawler and jim ross fued.

Now he barely steps foot in the ring and he's doing color commentary for michael cole.

I was waiting for tazz to break down and cry and suck road kills hillbilly dick.

Face it Taz is dead and we're stuck with Tazz.
Oh Jeez you might as well put Don Imus out there to wrestle as Tazz!!!

ah yuck yuck moby worm comin to git ya baby i'm gonna choke you out with the don mission thats where i take my fag bandana and choke you out with it baby yeah. then i take my oxygen tank and i beat you over the head with it and if worse comes to worse i'll beat you to death with my iron lung baby then i get some outside interference when my horse destiny comes out and back kicks you baby yeah quack quack ooh shut up rock.