Team Fortress 2

was a huge fan of qwtf and q3f (beta1h not shitty 2.0), lots of good pubbin and clan matches in both, never bothered with tfc. Anyways TF2 is finally coming out in October with Episode 2 of HL2.

If anyone's interested a 3 page preview was posted on shacknews along with a good bit of info...

seems to me like it will be either insanely cool or really retarded.


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I will probably be getting a new computer for it.

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Oh, figure it out already!
I'm not a big fan of the "cartoony" look of the characters. I loved TF but this doesn't look like that gritty blood and guts kind of game.
SOS, get an 360. It's coming packaged with Half-Life 2 Orange Box and I can't wait.
Fortress Forever, another hl2 TF mod should be coming out also I believe...

no release date but looks pretty complete, and alot more like qwtf than the cartoony one. reinstalling hl2 for this one i think.


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I remember seeing TF2 screenshots way back when it they actually looked better (to me) than these cartoony graphics. Even though TF isn't meant to be a real life simulation, it used to border between realistic and arcade. This is too far on the arcade side for me.


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I hope shamless plugs are okay, I've only been wackbagging for a be now.