Teen arrested for refusing to stay quiet during movie


Why do black people call each other "Monica"?
A teen caused such a scene at a local movie theater that he got arrested, police said.
Louisville Metro Police charged Dustin T. Perkins, 19, with disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing after they say he was disrupting a movie playing at 10:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Cinemark Theater in Mall St. Matthews.
Police say they were already at the theater when they received a report that Perkins, in long pink hair, was “causing a public inconvenience” and being an “annoyance” by making unreasonable noise, according to an arrest report.
Officers and movie-goers asked Perkins to stay quiet several times but he refused. A police officer then told him to leave the theater, but he refused again, becoming “combative.” He also became combative with a Drug Enforcement Agency agent who witnessed the incident, police said.
A Cinemark manager declined to comment.


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Good. You pay too much to see a movie in the 1st place.
Last thing I want is some jerkoff fucking it up.


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"refusing to stay quiet during movie"

ok, I lost GTR
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It was obvious when the article mentioned he had long pink hair.

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"refusing to stay quiet during movie"

ok, I lost GTR
It happened in Louisville, therefor if he wasn't actually one of them, I can guarantee you he acted and talked like he was.

And since he had pink hair, he was probably doing it in drag...........badly. Probably even had his nails did too. Yech.


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Speaking of distractions. When I saw Iron Man 3 during the climax of the movie, a fucking usher decides to walk right into view with the goddamned glowstick light thing. They decided to see if the exit was locked. I don't understand why they couldn't wait ten minutes to check the door.


Too bad they didn't drop him in the bad part of town.
Wonder how many arrests are made for assholes ruining a movie experience? I'm sure nobody was afraid to shut this douchebag up


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Too bad he didn't code in the theater like the guy here.

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Pink hair, movie theater, huh? They should've pre-emptively shot him instead. Just in case he had an AR stashed away in the back.


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Poor kid. No amount of anonymous gay sex will ever quell the anger in his heart towards his father.

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The irony is that it was a theater full of black people.
Can you imagine this dumb wigger thinking yelling shit out is his ticket to fitting in? He should go to one of their churches next.