Teen Turns In Wallet Filled With Hundreds Of Dollars


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I am posting it because the story is interesting, not because of the video at the link.

Nope. Not interested in the video at all.

Teen Turns In Wallet Filled With Hundreds Of Dollars

Girl Rewarded For Turning In Wallet

POSTED: 2:48 pm EDT April 6, 2012
UPDATED: 6:18 pm EDT April 6, 2012



MEREDITH, N.H. -- An Inter-Lakes eighth-grader is getting praise for returning a wallet filled with hundreds of dollars to its owner.Dakota Edwards, 14, said she found the wallet recently while waiting for the school bus in Center Harbor on Route 25 B.Edwards said the wallet was full of several $100 bills. She said the first thing she did when she found the wallet was hand it over to her principal.Principal Everett Bennett found a receipt inside the wallet with the cellphone number of the man who had dropped his wallet. Bennett contacted Mark Polito, of North Reading, Mass., who said he had been riding his motorcycle when he hit a frost heave and dropped the wallet.Polito said no money was missing, and as a thank-you to the teen for her honesty, he handed her a $100 bill.Edwards said she was just doing what she thought was the right thing, and she said if ever confronted with a similar circumstance again, she'd do it again.
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A friend of mine found a wallet with $140 in it last month near a bus stop in Santa Monica. He wanted me to help him find it but the guy who lost it was some Korean college kid with a weird name and no Facebook or other internet presence under that name. He ended up calling the guy's credit card company and explained the situation, and then they called the guy saying his wallet had been found and gave him my friend's number. I would have never thought of that.

Oh, and GTR? Totally nailed it...


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Turned it into the principal?.. what a kiss ass.
She's young. She'll eventually learn to rationalize it as a victim-less act and keep the money.


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Nice Jr. Rack...not that I would notice that kind of thing, nor would Bivvy.


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