Teenager Allegedly Stabs Friend 16 Times After Video Game Fight in California

A California teen allegedly shot at and stabbed his friend more than a dozen times following an argument over an online video game.

The two gamers, ages 20 and 17, were playing Xbox online in their respective Oakley, Calif. homes Monday afternoon when they became embroiled in an argument. The teen proceeded to grab a gun and a knife, drove to the other player's home, pushed aside his mother and proceeded to shoot at and stab his friend, police say, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

"Yeah, he walked into my house, I told him to get out of my house. He pushed pass me," Sherri Kemp, the victim's mother, told ABC 7. "He actually had the gun aimed at me and then shot at my son."

The victim was stabbed 16 times, though no vital organs were damaged, Kemp said.

Police are still investigating the motive for the stabbing. It is unclear whether the argument ensued over the video game or other reasons. Kemp speculated that its cause had been that the aggressor had accused her son of interfering in his marijuana purchase that afternoon, ABC 7 reported.

Police located the suspect in his home after the stabbing. They chased him through several neighbors' yards before booking him in a juvenile detention center on attempted murder charges. The suspect's name has not been released.

Earlier this month, a man in Ontario, Canada, was stabbed in the chest over a game of "World of Warcraft." Prior to the incident, the man who stabbed him told him, "It's not just a game. It's my life," according to the Ontario Sun.

Amazed he didn't use the noobtube...


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The victim was stabbed 16 times, though no vital organs were damaged, Kemp said.
No wonder he was pissed, the guy's a god damn hacker!

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Did he teabag his victim after he was done with the stabbing?


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Was he really his friend if he stabbed him 16 times?