Movie Terminator: Dark Fate will open on 11/1/19! With James Cameron and Tim Miller!


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It's getting silly with the time travel, you could theoretically have a terminator come back over and and overcast different times until they get lucky.
That's going by the old "mechanics" of sci-fi time travel. It's generally posited in modern sci-fi that you can't really change anything, but actually spur an alternate timeline by the attempt, or that that universe already existed for you to do that. I think Cameron has already embraced that by default saying he's not fucking with the previous films and series, a sense he's theoretically acknowledging SKYNET can never change anything

Anyhow, Terminator 4 was supposed to break that wheel by moving us up to John's day and leaving all that crap behind. It was a novel way of turning things on their head, and pretty underrated.