Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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Is anyone going to check this out after tonight's Giants/Cowboys game on FOX?


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I'll check it out. Might as well since nothing else is on.


Hell yeah. The Firefly chick is in it, need to load the spank bank.


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Anyone know if they had the entire season in the can before the Writer's strike?


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Saw the pilot a few months ago, will probably watch it again to refresh my memory, and just in case something has changed. As I remember it, it was pretty good.
I will be watching. There is hardly anything on TV now accept for The Wire and football. It looks like it is worth checking out at least.


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Saw the first episode and was not impressed one bit. I will not watch it anymore.


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i checked it out on yahoo last week.. pretty good. It has alot of potential.. i LOVE Lena Headey.


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It's actually pretty good, much better than I expected.

I really hope there is a threesome with the kid, his mom and River :icon_eek:
was that dude at the end supposed to be Kyle Reese?

This show stinks.


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I'll watch it again. Not as bad as I expected.
I missed the first few minutes, and I wouldn't have even realized they were in 1999 for the first 55 minutes if they didn't subliminally tell us that with calenders and such. Wow, there were a ton of anachronisms in this (most notably the car models featured).

Summer Glau, twenty-six and she looks like a hot teen...
This might be the only reason to keep watching it.

So if they dont stop Skynet now Mankind is kind of screwed now eh? All im gonna say is i have the same problem with this as i do with T2 3d Time Traveling foreward is awkward for the Terminator series.


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It wasn't too bad. I'll tune in again


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
i caught the first 10 mins, my wife bitched so i turned it off, i dont know if im going to bother, the old lady was kind of right, it stinks and she doesnt like it, she hates sci fi for the most part, i might give it a chance if i can watch it uninterrupted

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It was ok, I definitely have a conflict with the young terminator girl. Yes she's fucking hot and worth tuning into hopefully to catch a tit and ass shot.

But for the sake of this story a small petite terminator robot sent to protect John Conner, and give this series a CW pre-teen drama angle....thats treading on sapiness there.

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It wasn't too bad. I think they threw in the feeble-looking hot girl terminator to sex up the story. I think it worked!


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Not bad. The time travel scene pretty much negates the 3rd movie, which is a definite plus.