Text chat is back

Text chat is back. click on the text chat link on the top of the main page :D

I will be putting up a new version that will automatically log you in with your screenname, It will be intergrated into the board and the people in chat will show up on whos online.

I would do it now but have to go on a Union interview, So maybe later on today when I get home.

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Originally posted by imoverherenow:
<STRONG>Good luck on your interview!!!</STRONG>
Thanks IOHN, just got back, now I have to wait in anxiety for 2 weeks to see if I was accepted.

I'll redo the chat later or tomorrow cause I'm in serious need of a nap.
listen I have to buy the text chat client so before I do I want to know if you guys are going to use it???? It will look kind of the same that it does now only it will log you in with your wackbag screenname and show up on whos online.

Ranma, the dude wasn't paying me enough so I left.


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Well it's time to start Jay. We want you in the room bro. The more people the more funner!! :D