Thai serial killer says he 'hated those who take naps at work'


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Police in Thailand said Sunday they have charged a security guard with murder after he admitted beating to death eight co-workers he discovered sleeping on the job.

Wittaya Jaikhan severely injured seven others in his violent spree, which began early this year, said spokesman Colonel Piyapun Pingmuang.

"He confessed to killing the victims because he hated those who take naps at work, and he thought they were taking advantage of their employers," Piyapun told AFP.

"He used thick pieces of wood and iron pipes to kill them."

The 30-year-old was arrested after using a mobile phone belonging to one of the victims to call his wife, the spokesman said.

"We are sure that the suspect is not mentally ill. Consequently, he will be treated as a normal killer," Piyapun said.

Wittaya could face the death penalty if convicted.



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