Than & Sam Show 12 online now

Hello everyone, the audio of Than & Sam Show 12 as well as a bunch of pictures from the show have been posted over at

And to those who are supporting us in our quest to win Best Kept Secret in the 2007 Orbitcast awards, please continue to do so. We had no intention of furthering the radio wars bit with this thing, but it's got a mind of it's own at this point. If you honestly think you don't like The Than & Sam Show, please simply listen to Show 12 with an open mind. If you like that, listen to show 11. There's a reason we're winning people over.

Support The Than & Sam Show, 2007 was ours. 2008 is in the process of being acquired.

Baggy Spandex

This stinks and I don't like it.
I'll go on over and check it out. Love the fro' brotha.


I put the baby in babyfuck
than and sam should win just because sam is awesome! Seriously people go vote!