Thank you all! ARCH STAYS!!!


Due to the huge mountain of support, the Mods have come to a consensus and have decided that ARCH STANTON stays!! You all showed your support. The PMs, post, and texts definitely drove home the point. The original issue was a joke, brutal humor if you will, that got blown up by a couple of overly sensitive folks, that didn't like it being directed at themselves. Thanks! You've all brought back a great, great man (OK maybe just an OK guy, but nonetheless)


Fuckin savages
can i take back myt support? fuck him

just kiddin welcome back budday


Fezzing Out
Tony Bagels .... your determination and perserverance toward a goal is inspiring! Unmatched even!! :icon_mrgr

Viva Le Arch Stanton!!!


Part of the Ronnie B. crowd
Im glad Arch is back but I heard something about him being banned from UNMasked for being too loud during the taping, is this true??


Uncontrollable Urge
Viva La Arch !

And fuck the whiney board faggots that complained !


AKA Eqyptian Teabag the Friendly Arab
Edit: deleted


Why yes, I am an asshole, so what?
love the arch, and I don't mean the golden arch


Why can't us?
Welcome back Arch it didnt even seem like you were gone...
Anybody that sound's like Vos, but doesn't look like him is a-okay in my book.