Thanks Dr. Steve & PA John...


...when McCainia runs wild on you!!!!
i considered waiting until their next SNV show and calling, but opted to post here and now in hopes the message may get passed along to danny or someone for Doc and PA. Besides, the odds of me actually getting a call through a slim due to the "I have _____ on my nuts'" calls.

after their last SNV show, i took the advice for giving up the ol cigarettes. i set the date (valentine's), replaced the physical "needs" (patches, sugar-free gum) and actually gained a little willpower. so far, SUCCESS!

my live-in girlfriend smokes and leaves hers laying around all the time. i look at them and am able to restrain myself. i'm also beginning to be disgusted with the smoke smell in her clothes, car, etc., plus my garage is nearly unbearable. what she does is her business. now i know how nonsmoking girls i dated felt back then.

i've tried quitting before, but only because i was being forced to by some of the aforementioned girls, and needless to say, their attempts failed. i wasn't ready to quit then.

so, again i've got to say thanks to Dr. Steve and PA John for helping me to breathe easier, save money and not smell like a biker bar all day.:action-sm