Thanks for 20 Years, Opie and Anthony


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For me, I don't want to go back and relisten/relitigate. I laughed my ass off at the time and don't particularly want to go back and listen for the cracks and issues that we weren't really aware of in a serious way. So I may never listen to any O&A again, just so I can remember them as funny and relevant-ish.
I listen to old bits sometimes just because they were funny, not so I can say "Did you hear that pause? It was then that I knew they hated each other!"
I like Jim & Sam for what it is. Sam is the type of smartass I would get along or be friends with if I knew him in person. I don't compare their show to O&A or would want to. Jim is absolutely a totally different person then he was especially early on circa 2002 as 3rd mic and he was so eager to please and contribute by always being funny. I remember him going off on a female caller with "You're a fat girl in LA Gear sneakers and I hope you hit a pole and die" which always struck me as randomly hilarious and oddly specific.
Sadly, high energy quick to anger eager to please lil Jimmy from the WNEW era has morphed into serious more mature laid back Jimmy who uses his tired characters like Chip as a crutch instead of riffing off the top of his head like he used to. (Uncle Paul always makes me laugh though)
That's a great analysis of the show. I don't mind Sam so much -- he's the same little twerp we've heard since he was an intern, he's just become a better talker and host. Jim's the bigger problem, I'm sorry to say, because he's not the same vicious comic who would tear into stupid callers and throw in Lacey Peterson jokes. Maybe he's still like that on stage, but certainly not on the air.

Basically, Sam has evolved, but Jim has devolved.


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Just remembered another one of my favorite show moments...when Ozzy was in studio on his birthday and Jimmy gave him a bunch of gifts he accidently left behind. Some books on the Beatles and a card he wrote a personal message in. Funny Opie moment when he noticed and shouted "Thats what he thinks of your stupid books!" after Ozzy was gone and Jimmy made a 'gulp' face for a second like he was about to cry


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I listen to old bits sometimes just because they were funny, not so I can say "Did you hear that pause? It was then that I knew they hated each other!"
I listen to pinpoint times when The Opster was two knuckles deep.

We all have our reasons.

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I heard the eating grapes incident and just wrote it off as one of those things that happen between any group of guys who work together for a long time
That came pretty much on the day that they got booted off KRock and Opie's dreams of being bigger than Howard crashed down around his ears. He probably blamed AntH and/or Jimmy and never recovered.
I really miss Opie and Anthony
I miss 2005 - 2009 Ron and Fez more.
There's no show that was as vicious with its people, fans, friends, ect
Does anyone watch any of the "Internet Bloodsports"? It's mostly garbage, but I think these are the true bastard children of O&A. I know Andy Warski was a huge fan and he's one of the more prominent ones. Most of it is screaming at one another over a Google hangout, but occasionally there is some gold.

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"Internet Bloodsports" sounds like its a bit. OnA wasn't a bit. The tension, and stress, and bitterness were real.
I think the same dynamics are at play. Here's Warski arguing with his co-host with other guests on the hangout and people watching. Similar enough. Again, I'm not recommending them to watch, but this is what the Jocktober Facebook attackers/pat battle mode shitposters are doing now.



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Jim has slowly morphed himself into Colin