Thanksgiving's coming - who frys turkeys?


Ideologically Unsound
Dang, almost forgot.

Happy eat like a slob day, wackbag.

Here's the proper way to fry a turkey...

-Set up your fryer on a wobbly collapsible card table... either in your living room or outside on a wooden deck.

-Do NOT cover the hose from the LP tank to the fryer with aluminum foil... this is completely unnecessary.

-Get yourself good and drunk.

-Make sure there are children and household pets running around the area where you're cooking willy nilly.

-Fill your fryer right to the tippy top with oil... more oil, more better

-Light that sumbitch up.

-No need to dethaw... a solidly frozen turkey will cook just fine.

-When the oil is scorching hot, drop your turkey right in... you'll want to get a good immersion, so drop the turkey from a good 6 to 9 feet above the fryer... use a step ladder.

-Be sure to have a big bucket of water on hand in case you have to douse any flare-ups.

-Lastly (and most important)... make sure you have a good quality video camera set up to record the whole operation.

Happy Thanksgiving! :action-sm
This never gets old. A true holiday classic.