That guy on the show today...

Frank Caliendo had me dying laughing here. My favorite was his John Madden impression the Seinfeld one rocked too as well. I hope they replay that.<IMG SRC="" border=0>



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<FONT COLOR="Purple">Holy crap was he so funny i just saw him on conan and damn he is one talented guy,he did a great Chris Farley,way cool John Madden my god he ROCKED!!!</FONT c><IMG SRC="" border=0>

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Yea..that guy seriously rocked! He had me pissing my pants at work. I seriously wasn't expecting such a funny guy...he even rivals Anthony with his impressions...<IMG SRC="" border=0>
I was dying all nite last night cause when they play the O&A promo with a clip of the show they played his impression of Adam Sandler and i got one of his Madden bits off of napster this guy needs to get a comedy album out he is good.<IMG SRC="" border=0>