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MCAS Miramar pilots under investigation for flying "sky penis" air pattern.
'Sky penis' air pattern grounds two Marine Corps pilots, pending investigation
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Two U.S. Marine Corps pilots have been grounded pending an investigation into a digitally-mapped flight path over Southern California skies last month that appeared to be in the shape of male genitalia.

The flight path by a T-34C Turbomentor that allegedly flew in a phallic shape was part of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing based out of Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, once home to the U.S. Navy flight school better known as Top Gun, the Washington Examiner reported.

“The T-34C crew that are being investigated for flying a pattern resembling an obscene image are currently not flying pending the results of an ongoing investigation,” Maj. Josef Patterson, a spokesman with the unit, said in an email to the Marine Corps Times. “Although not flying for the time-being, the two Marine Corps aviators are still providing vital squadron ground support functions.”

Radar readings first picked up the maneuver as it occurred over the Salton Sea in the Colorado Desert, about 160 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

The flight path was reported by tracking site Aircraft Spots on its Twitter account.

Disciplinary action won’t be decided until the investigation is complete.

Some Twitter users expressed amusement and praised the pilots for their precision in flying.

“It was surgical,” one user wrote. “We can be proud that our fighter pilots are probably the best in the world, and drawing a penis with this amount of skill, and precision proves it!," said another.

Two Navy lieutenants were disciplined last year after they used military aircraft to draw a penis over Washington state. Details of their punishment were not released.


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That better be in Top Gun 2.


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I bet if they drew a vagina, they’d be applauded. (Also their piloting skills would never be called into question.
Can you imagine if pilots had drawn dicks in the sky when Obama was president? Look out!


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These pilots are absolute heroes.

“Balls are going to be a little lopsided,” the pilot advised.

“Balls are complete,” he reported moments later. “I just gotta navigate a little bit over here for the shaft.”

“Which way is the shaft going?” the EWO asked.

“The shaft will go to the left,” the pilot answered.

“It’s gonna be a wide shaft,” the EWO noted.
“I don’t wanna make it just like 3 balls,” the pilot said.

“Let’s do it,” the EWO said. “Oh, the head of that penis is going to be thick.”

“Some like Chinese weather satellite right now that’s like, ‘what the (expletive)?’” the pilot surmised.

The jet streaked across the sky, and the duo’s magnum opus continued to take shape, showcasing the pilot’s prowess in the process.


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Sounds like good training to me.


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The audio is fucking glorious.