The 2020 Presidential Election!


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Ouch. Jokes get worse the more you hear them. All I could hear was the car crash sound effect being played.
Damn. O&A&J and Bill Burr or Louis CK or Patrice or Vos would've had a great time with that clip


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I fucking hate that shit. “retarded” is a perfectly legitimate word. Calling some a “retard” ok, fine.
She heard what he said perfectly fine. She just forgot in the moment that laughing at the R-bomb in public is a big no-no for any politician


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There's classic liberal, and there's modern leftist. Gabbard is the former, which is cool in my book, but unacceptable by Squad standards.
It would be great if she did a face turn and announced after she drops out of the race her support for Pres T because of how unelectable her own party is now

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Just as Joe Piscipo and Carrot Top realized that the the heart of comedy is a six-pack abdomen, so Tulsi senses that 30 exercises and 600 reps is what's needed to qualify for executive office.

All of these buffoons attempt to perform schtick because of you-know-who and that sincerest form of flattery


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I still think Hillary might throw her name in at some point. Still plenty of time.
If she is truly as gifted and wonderful a person that she and others claim her to be...and people actually love and admire her dedication to public office and just how brilliant she is, but that she was robbed the Presidency by the Russians...she would absolutely be running in 2020. And given the quality of candidates, she'd be the frontrunner. She would run and finally defeat evil Trump and bring him and those pesky Russians to justice for deceiving the American people. What a story that'd be.

Unfortunately for her, it doesn't sound like anyone on the left has the appetite for her and see her as a significant liability, though I'm sure they won't tell her to her face since they want to live.

But maybe she'd entertain the idea of a VP role. Not saying the DNC would buy it, but you just know she wants to get in the White House one way or another.


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The left just cant get rid of Hillary:
Yes yes losing two presidential campaigns gives you insight......... on how to lose. By all means keep talking to her. Next uncle Joe will give her advice. He is good at losing those noms as well

I still think Hillary might throw her name in at some point. Still plenty of time
Oh pretty please let that happen. Her and Biden can share the same plane and doctor. Collapsing, cough fits, forgetting things, lack of energy will be great