The 2020 Presidential Election!

DPRK is more willing to background-check Biden than our own MSM

Old Yeller needs to be put down?
If they are worried about his craftiness, they don't need to be concerned about that anymore. Presently, that brain is about as sharp as a crow that never washes.
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With the recent news that Buttplug is surging in the polls...

...expect them to push Deval Patrick hard. Democrats are not happy with any of the candidates and know they don't stand a chance without the black vote. With the Obamas stumping hard for him, he could end up having the best shot. Problem is, he's come into the race too late now. And he'll be seen as too moderate...the far left progressives will need to be reined in, which has proven to be impossible.

So clearly the answer is to make San Fransisco policies nationwide.

Inclusionary Housing Program

Guided by San Francisco Planning Code Section 415, the Inclusionary Housing Program (also known as "Below-Market-Rate Program") aims to create housing affordable to low, moderate, and or middle income households in new buildings. When a housing developer proposes a residential project with 10 or more units, they must either:
  • Reserve a percentage of units in the new building to be rented or sold at a below market rate
  • Reserve a percentage of units in another building they build to be rented or sold at a below market rate
  • Pay a fee
  • In some cases, dedicate land that will become affordable housing
  • A combination of all the above
The San Francisco Planning Department works with housing developers to determine the number of reserved units or fees. MOHCD is brought on before the building can be occupied to price the units and oversee the marketing and application process. The application includes a public lottery for the units.
The program currently includes over 3,000 affordable units throughout San Francisco.

So clearly the answer is to make San Fransisco policies nationwide.
Ya in Ontario if you build a subdivision you have to provide so much parkland based on acreage of the development and so many units of Section 8 housing (Ontario housing).

I'm not saying anything but every time I would go buy the ones near my parents house 9 times out of 10 there would be at least one police car there...

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