The 50 Most Interesting Wikipedia Articles

Party Rooster

Unleash The Beast
Indeed cool. I knew about the Numbered highway system, Mohave phone booth, Scoville scale and a couple others. The numbered highway system is something everyone should learn in school. I learned it driving as a courier in L.A. and it's saved me lots of headaches since.


What's black and white and red all over?
I went to google earth with the coordinates for the Maree Man and didn't see shit. They didn't give his cock size but it might be a record.


Make America Gay Again.
Oh god... I fear that I shall now waste my entire day on that list. Traumatically inseminate me in the ass!


don't get any cucks on your wee
#50 is stupid. the song wont finish for another 500 years? big whoop. fuck this kenny g douche