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She won't, because she can't.

She's a bull in the Democrat's china shop, and there's no stopping her. She will wreck shit.

She's the DNC's Anthony Freemont, and woe be it to any Dem who tries to resist as she drags the entire party to the lunatic left fringe.

You think bad thoughts about her, and she'll point her TwitterGurlPower! finger at you, and wish you away into the cornfield.
Her being a bull in a China shop is exactly why she can be corruptible. Because she doesn't know where and when to stop. There is no grey area with her. Its black or white and she has no problem jumping into either side head first.

She will fuck up everything at some point because she was woefully unprepared for this role. She ran as a good and probably hoped she could hook some campaign contributions and get matching funds to donate to some pet project lost cause after the election and look what happened. She won. To this point she hasn't surrounded herself with anyone that can her navigate the DC or NYC landscape. The pot lobbyist has teeth but he isn't enough. If Fin keeps hiring the same type of people like the pot guy or people with no experience she will wind up like ol' Mikey Suits

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She got snubbed for the climate committee, and -teeth got salty about it. Pelosi fired back by pulling the committee's subpoena power, and allowing committee members to cozy up to gas and oil lobbyists. So not only was poor li'l Alex not allowed into the clubhouse, the clubhouse was turned into the New Green Deal-Haters Club to spite her.

And now no key the the finance committee clubhouse. Although, the idea of this brokeass bimbo sitting on a "finance committee" is hilarious. That would've been fun to watch.

What'll she get snubbed for next? Education committee? Nitwit sitting on an education committee would be a hoot.
Is there a toofus and tittays committee?


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I think the best lesson for what to expect comes from the Tea Party. What that lesson is exactly I don’t know. Did the Tea Party weaken the Republicans?
The Tea Party movement is what helped take back the house and some Senate/Governors seats in 2010 midterms. Republicans should be thankful they existed.


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I guess they could be right about how she affects some men but not for me.

"She’s attractive, telegenic and good at social media."

She's a 6. If it was Emily Rat, you might have a point. Telegenic- she's not terrible but she certainly isn't great. She couldn't be much worse on social media.


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1) Trump's done that already and could do alot more if you'll let him.
2) Trump's done that already and could do alot more if you'll let him.
3) For your reading pleasure, AOC. And you'll love this quote, sweetpea: "The Koch brothers didn’t provide financial support to Trump in the 2016 election."

Trump may be her perfect candidate.


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Another article on this that doesn't require a sub:

I've been thinking about this a bit. Let's say this group is successful and they start getting many of their people in place. It's going to split the democratic party, which will be fun and good in the short term but what about long term? We've been ready for a third party for a long time and this radical left group seems the most likely candidate. Even if it's only a de facto third party, it's going to shift us farther left. The moderate left of today becomes the center, the radical left becomes mainstream and the right is all alone.
Republicans have to take advantage of this.