LT The Anthony Cumia Show: 4/2/2015 - Sex from the Compound?

Hog's Big Ben

Getting ass-***** in The Octagon, brother.
The first half of the show was best, despite my total lack of interest in the music that Patrick dude was much more interesting.
Definitely. I would've rather listened to him for another hour than Grandpa Fuxalot.


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I saw FIlter live when I was a freshman at Penn State. The concert included Limp Bizkit and Stained. I should probably be kicked in the dick for admitting that..
I saw Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock at Woodstock 99. Staind was probably there too, but I still maintain they weren't half bad, just Limp Bizkit's stank rubbed off on them.

I also went to a Creed and Eve 6 show with a girl in high school.

Front of the line for crotch shots.

Saw Live in like 2007 at a county festival where Jimmy's Chicken Shack also played. They played Lightning Crashes as a storm rolled in, the crowd ate it up.


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So who's going to start the TACS thread for today?