The Art of Woke Satire (Godfrey Elfwick, Titania McGrath, et al.)


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She's a parody account, right?


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The character is amazing.

You realize it’s a character, right? Satire and whatnot?
I do now. Didn't at first because there are too many people like that who aren't faking it


Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.
Parody account Titania McGrath suspended by Twitter

Now that’s woke
You posted this to the woke narrative thread, but I'll respond here.

Here was the "offending" tweet:

IRL Lisa is a good friend of Andrew Doyle's (aka Titania McGrath). Lisa was one of the iterations of Godfrey Elfwick and she runs the Jarvis Dupont (Titania's pal and roommate) account. Lisa is hilarious.

Here's Titania's statement via Jarvis (Lisa IRL):

BREAKING: Twitter suspends social justice hero Titania McGrath
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