The battle of the blinds


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If you were not listening to this show today, you have been deprived of the best radio ever!

Blind Dave stole the show. This guy was hysterical. He was doing voices and shit. On the other hand Blind Matt kicked his ass in the Boxing match. It was the funniest and most original radio I have ever heard. If you missed it, I am sure it will be on saturday in New york. Those of you in Dallas I guess you will get to hear it tonight.

If you missed it. You better listen to the replay, if not you will be missing out on some of the best radio ever. They will probably play it tomorrow. So you probably won't have to wait til' saturday.

One of the best shows ever. They were afraid it wouldn't work. Damn wrong!


I speak the human language
An update on Dave. If you missed the show today, than you missed Dave call in and tell O & A he has four broken ribs and a bruised spleen. He was worrying O & A by saying he can die from it. No, No, No, Nobody dies on the Opie and Anthony show. :D

In all honesty I hope the guy is okay. He sounded like a real cool guy and he was funny as fuck to boot. I hope he recovers and comes back on the show soon.


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I am sure that Blind Dave can come back on the show either on the radio or durring a roadshow.


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Blind people boxing... whats next 100 year old women F ing??? oops they already done that lol great show it was