The Big Pen ======


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It was very phallic of Ken Stevens to bring in a big pen for Opie and Anthony to sign their new contract. I hope Opie did not break it. ;)
KEN and the BIG PEN 7/18/01



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They finally used it too. I didn't hear the cost of the contract. Did anyone? I am sure it will be in the post tomorrow.

That big pen is funny. I laughed my ass off when I seen that. :D


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Shit that is a Huge pen!
Why a pen so big?

Nice Head

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The pen looks a little too shiny, hmm, maybe Ken didnt get all the Anal Eaze off after sitting on it before bringing it in to the studio
How the F do you sign your goddamn name on a piece of paper with a pen that big?
Does look a little shiny, let's ask Melissa.

Just imagine getting whacked in the head with that pen you be dead. Yeah lets ask Melissa what she was doing to that pen ;)