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Trailer does nothing for me, but I'll watch for Karl Urban. He's a manly man, and I hope to pickup more manly tips by watching him be a man.

I started reading this yesterday. No way in hell they can get away with half the shit the comic does.
Finished the comic. This show is gonna suck ass.

This was the first American comic I've read in 4 years since being driven away by the Justice League Gods and Monsters movie.


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With the PREACHER series Seth Rogan and his lackeys took a long, high shit on one of the greatest pieces of literature of the twentieth century.

THE BOYS is not that. It is sub-Kevin Smith gay jokes and massive nihilism.


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Hey, I found something via the search for once!

I was just coming here to post that. Wee Hughie is actually fairly tall. I'm kinda sad that they changed up how Robin died, I liked it being a part of a super powered battle.

It looks like the invisible guy is one of The Seven.

Spice Girls? I guess that reference works with Urban's age. Seems a bit Cumia to me.But I guess that's the point: outdated reference.

Looks like Frenchie will mainly speak English. I can understand that change for a more mainstream American audience.

It looks like they'll keep the gore, but likely really tone down the sexual aspects, like everyone being queasy about gay stuff.