The Chinese are... Short. (World's shortest couple)



The world's shortest couple?

Two Chinese newly-weds are hoping to get into the record books as the world's shortest couple.

Li Tangyong, 3ft 7ins, of Shunde city, married Chen Guilan, 2ft 4ins, this week.

"We had to postpone the marriage for three years because both our families objected," he told New Express.

But on October 1, they joined 30 other couples in a group wedding at a park in the city.

At the wedding, they announced they have applied to the Guinness Book of Records and are awaiting confirmation.


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You can't look badass next to a bike if it's taller than you.


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The one on the left looks sassy..............


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These guys came up juuuuuuust short... mmrmmph mrmmmph.

My friend's stepdad is a dwarf...good guy, watched the giants kick ass at his house last week....I was thinking of all of you!


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they must have cropped out the trampoline they use to get on the bike