The earworm thread


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I suppose there are worse songs to get stuck in your head . . . but this has been there for three days & won't budge.



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My boss has been on this one for a couple weeks:

Luckily, I'm immune because the voices in my head take up all available bandwith.


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Oh, for fuck's sake. I didn't even hear the thing, and it somehow still got stuck in my head.



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Heard on the PA system of a Walgreen's yestetday:



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These two songs have been alternating in my head the past couple of days



Lying causes cat piss smell.

Been hearing this one alot in the background of random Youtube videos. Took a while to track it down, but found it in the comments of a Turkish shaving video. Here it is for your enjoyment.


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Saw Muse On Monday in Philly and I can't get the concert out of my head.



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OK, what the fuck? I didn't even hear it on the radio, and it still got stuck on a loop in my head:



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God damn that Guardians of the Galaxy trailer . . .



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For four days this song has been stuck in my head.


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I've had "Yea, resurrect so I can vomit on the body of Christ" stuck in my head for a fucking month. Fair warning if you like metal...