The ensemble cast of SFS2


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Sex for Sam II was awesome. Vos did a great job. He had me laughing on a couple of occasions.

Stephen Lynch with that voice he was doing when reporting an action was hysterical. I can't remember what it was an impression of. It was funny as hell though.

It's too bad Norton wasn't there. Why in the hell wasn't he there? I would have loved to hear some nasty discriptive ways of describing a girl getting her ass violated.

Last but not least Stinky a part of the show, but he gets a guest notion. He was on point all day. He deserves a raise for his efforts. He had me laughing. He had to be high. He was laughing on every phone call.

" We have the two perves guarding the top and bottom of the escalator and they are doing hahahah on the escalator."

Funny shit. Great show, everything I expected.

You gotta love the olympic music for Pebbles, Babbam, and Stinky. That shit is classic.


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that was some good radio
but what happend to Jim Norton?
how come he was not there did I miss something..?


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I think Norton was taping a Hunnymooners episode at that time lolol opie and Anthony puts on yet another Great show.
So i guess nobody got fired from the cast this year for letting there team have sex in the bosses office.