The Fast and the Furious.

I saw this movie last night it was really good. If you like cars and street racing this movie will blow you the fuck out. I liked it better than Gone in 60 seconds which was another good movie but this movie kicked ass. Go check it out.
Is it on tape or still in the movies? that's the type of movies I like.


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I think it came out this past Friday in theaters so give it some time it should be able to rent soon... I heared very good things about that movie I want to go see it
Its in the movies right now. Just opened on Friday the movie is great.
The ending rocked i heard they are talking about doing a sequel.


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Yo i have to admit the FAST AND THE FURIOUS is a kick ass movie! It definetly shits on gone in 60 seconds, and nicholas cage my boy, but this movie, forget one of the best action films i ever seen this year, and for a while. Just be careful coming out of the theater after watching the movie, or ull get ur ass ruNNEd over !


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i was watching this move this weekend .on starz and for the frist time saw it to the end . when they show van disel driveing in mexico, i am the only who every say this piece after the end creidts


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You're kidding? I have that DVD & I've never watched the credits all the way to the end - it shows him driving in Mexico? I'm with Beg on this one - DARM!


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I didn't stay past the closing credits -- I had another movie to catch that day... I didn't wait when I watched it on pay per view a few months ago either. DAMN! they actually show Dom driving in Mexico?!? FU to me for not staying past the credits. :cussing

I knew there was gonna be a sequel even without seeing that part. ;)


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this is what the sequel is all about

Brian O'Conner (Walker), stripped of his badge after the events of the first film, gets a chance to redeem himself by going undercover to infiltrate the world of Miami street racing

For his next project, Singleton reteams with his Baby Boy star Tyrese Gibson for the sequel to the big sleeper blockbuster of summer 2001, The Fast and the Furious--somewhat ironic, considering Baby Boy was one of the smaller films that got brushed aside at the box office in the first film's wake. Joining Gibson will be returning star Paul Walker, but not the actor widely considered responsible for the original film's success--Vin Diesel, who could not come to a financial agreement with Universal Pictures. As such, this sequel will focus on Walker's Brian O'Connor character, who, following the events in the last film, is given a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of the law by infiltrating the street racing culture in Miami to find a drug trafficker. Gibson will play one of O'Connor's partners; the other is a female agent who has yet to be cast. Indeed, from this description the project sounds like a typical sequel that rehashes many elements of the original. However, with someone like Singleton replacing Rob Cohen, the faceless hack that helmed the insanely overrated first film, The Fast and the Furious 2 has nowhere to go but up. Walker is the only other significant returnee; Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster will not be reprising their roles, and neither will Ja Rule, who opted out of reprising what would've been the expanded role of Edwin.
News on the fast and the Furious 2


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This SUCKS! :mad: Why even bother to make a sequel if it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the after-the-end-credits part?!? No Vin Diesel? Sorry, folks but I ain't gonna watch this. :( I'm so f#%@ing upset over this right now. That shot of Vin's character driving in Mexico was there for a reason. THAT's what the sequel is supposed to be about. What, Universal suddenly has no money for a good actor? Come on now. Vin is becoming a huge action star, are they blind or what?!? They're making a HUGE mistake. Just wait and see. Their stupid attempt at a sequel that's only about ONE character is gonna bomb bigtime. Who cares about Paul Walker anyway?? It's the relationship between his character and Vin's character that made the movie work.

Aaarrggh! :cussing Big FU to Universal for making this stupid sequel without any of the good actors and hiring a different director.

I'm gonna pass on this one, thanks. I'll wait for Pitch Black 2. ;)


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You took the words right out of my .... uh, keyboard! Hollyvoodoo!! Who cares about the other guy - I sure don't
and neither do the other 25 million females in the U.S.!

I hate sequels that have NOTHING to do with the original nor even the same people. Take the sequel to Silence of the Lambs - it was a good movie & all, but it still missed something without Jodie Foster (in my opinion anyways)

So here's another FU to Universal!! :fu4:
you know, this movie has been on every freakin day, every hour and it's getting pretty bad. i thought it was cool at first but the more i see it the more it's just point break with cars. undercover cop, lets villian off in the end, there's a million similarities but i'm not going to list them. atleast point break had surfing.


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the have start to flim this movie with out vin disel


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vin diesel has the acting ability of a quadraplegic....he stinks and i dont like him


vin gaylel sucks and i dont like him:mad: (unless your 13)


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Originally posted by tattered666
vin diesel has the acting ability of a quadraplegic....
You must be thinking Stallone... :rolleyes: