The First "All In The Family"


Here'sh The Thing

Forthwith, Part Thrrree ....

A thousand pardons.
Edith seemed more outspoken at first. Usually, she wouldn't get ballsy until she was really upset, in the later episodes


Here'sh The Thing
And her Noo Yawk accent is flat & not quite as refined yet.
Season 1 worked out a lot of the bugs to get to the AITF we all know & adore.

Season 2-5 is the AITF Golden Age, where 90% of the show took place in the living room,
Mike & Gloria still lived at 704 Hauser St., all the great peripheral characters
[Barney Hefner, Mr. Munson, Irene Lorenzo, Stretch Cunningham, etc.] were up & rolling, the show was #1 in the ratings ....