The first show I heard was......



What was the first Opie and Anthony show that you heard on WNEW?


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That is a good question that deserves a NEW POST but the first time I heard them was sometime before WNEW changed it format to Extreme Talk Radio.
The first show that made me start listening every day was when Spaz had sex with a tomato. I had listened on and off for a few weeks before that but being a Stern fan at the time I thought it was 2 Imitators and then I noticed something, I was laughing out loud to O&A which was something Stern hadn't made me do since around 1993!! I remember I couldnt tell opie's voice from anthony's for a few weeks. Anyway I stopped listening to stern and started listening to tapes of O&A in the morning and then the live show in the afternoon... Howard Who??



The first time i ever heard the beloved boys was around the time they were syndicated in Philly...somewhere in the era of a fake orgasm contest, and plegeria (sp.?) boy...the thing that got me hooked was Anthony's Brokaw impression, and Ive been laughing ever since!!!!

Thanks Boys...and hurry back!!!!!!
I first heard them in Buffalo during a 6 o'c....o'c....6:15ish queef


My first O & A Show

The first time I heard O & A was the show some ass called trying to get a hold of Carol Miller, and the b-b-b-b-boys had some fun with him "transfering" all over the place. I think it was around June 1998.

I've been hooked ever since.
First time I heard them was actually their first day on the air.. I was working delivering pizza paying my way through school, and a guy I work with came in all pissed off saying "God Dammit NEW has some dick heads talking for like 20 minutes between songs." I was listening to Dominski and Doyal on 101.5, and thought hmm.. maybe these guys are better then D and D.. God was I right.. I have been listening ever since.. Well.. till.. you know....

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I remember Spaz doing the tomato like it was personal opinion is that Spaz was great...i know he really was a dumb motherfucker but I used to laugh my balls off listening to him....remember when he got a credit card??? Anthony pretending to be his butler in the hotel..."Yourrrr heavy metal t-shirt is ironed siiiirrrrrr!!! lmao
My 1st memory of the show was, I think, it was the 1st, was Ant doing his Yoshi impression over something or another.....not the Titanic movie or the sinking of the japanese fishing trauler....before that, yoshi was deRivering his food on a bicycle....funny shit!!!
lmao.. you have me thinking of all the retarded stuff that spaz used to do.. The famous "giant killer mosquito" pouring kitty little on a hurricane to stop it (which some scientist kinda sorta made something almost like it that works :eek: ) Spider Spaz.. Microwave oven fighting tornado's.. Jesus.. I gotta get some of those old shows and burn them to cd...


i can't remember exactly what was going on during the show. but i do remember flipping through the channels at work, and stopping on wysp and some dude was doing a fucking hilarious impression of charleston heston (this was right about the time the new planet of the apes came out). i was sold from that day on.
sept11....i was so goddamn sick of the usuall news...i went to these guys(whom i hated before) and ant fucking sucked me with his great view points....


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I started listening to WNEW since 1974.So I was VERY use to rock stations.Started listening to talk radio with Imus, then Howie.But I freaked when I heard WNEW was going to have talk radio!!:eek: But I would kinda check in and out of O&A.Dream Weaver got me hooked!!:bluegrab


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The first time I listened to the boys was in their 2nd or 3rd month at NEW. I only flipped to the station looking for music but when it came on they were playing the Reagan Library bit and I was instantly hooked. I was telling everyone about them and I've been obsessed ever since. I've heard it about 100 times since but that bit still makes me laugh every single time.
Also the Carol Miller bit. I think it was summer of 98. I've been listening to WNEW since it came on the air('67), and was uneasy about the new format. But that show won me over. Also loved the Spaz' Tomato bit. I think Spaz was a genius. Oh well...


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I remember my cousin telling me about this hilarious talk show on New where they did a skit about how Mike Brady was really a pedophile and he designed the steps so that he could hide underneath them and watch all the young Brady ass as they came downstairs. "Ohh Greg, shake that Johnny Bravo ass!"

The actual first show I heard was during their christmas vacation after their first year (1999 I think) when ant did "Bob Hope in space" and the boys talked about how much they hated family weddings.
My first show was when they did the Mike Tyson in England bit. Classic!


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First show was shortly after they came to Philly. They had Lounge Aginst the Machine in the studio for the day. Couldn't stop listening after that!:bigok


The first show I heard was in '99, can't really remember too much about it, but I do remember them having a masakist in there....and they had a woman with stilletto heels come in and stomp his nuts........been a fan since


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I had listened when they were on AAF. I thought they were a riot. After the 100 Grand bit, that is when I realized I couldn't turn them off. They had started writing Hey Masterbuator that day. I know they had music in there and not the same type of show. But now we in Boston have lost them twice. All I know is after the April Fools Day bit everyone said they would never get a job again. Including the guy on 'BCN, Nik Carter.
Patience everyone. They will be back. In boston we are use to waiting. Were still waiting for the Sox to win th.......... Nevermind


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The first time I had heard of O&A was actually on a trip to Jersey in Dec. of 99. It was the Thursday before the guys were taking their Christmas vacation. I picked up the WWF RAW magazine of the month at a truck stop in Indiana and there was an article on them. In the car I told my father about them and the station and he went on about how the station used to be his favorite when he lived in Jersey since he was in high school. He couldn't believe that it changed formats. We stopped in eastern Penn and caught the end of the show from about 6:15 to 7:00 and Anthony was ranting about some voodoo lady that was in the studio and how she left some candle in front of them and he was going to walk by it. It was really weird cause we didn't hear the whole story of what had happened earlier in the show. My father and I couldn't stop laughing though at their jokes and attitudes. Every trip after that I listened as much as I could everytime we were in NJ. It sucked since they were tape-delayed here when they got syndicated but it was still better to be able to hear them all the time. A lot better than any show that's on here now.

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Originally posted by NJHC4life
The first show I heard was in '99, can't really remember too much about it, but I do remember them having a masakist in there....and they had a woman with stilletto heels come in and stomp his nuts........been a fan since
Ah yes, that would have been the dominatrix "Spike"! She used to be on fairly regularly, with her "freaks"..guys that dressed in diapers and shit and the crushed nuts guys and the kick in the balls guys....ah the good old days, and Spaz was still on the air back then fucking tomatos and fat chicks named..........anyone? anyone? Dot!!