The future of the XFL is uncertain


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<FONT face="Comic Sans MS">With the diminishing ratings, and the NY-NJ Hitmen not doing well, there is and uncertain future for the XFL. This means that O&A might not get to do all 10 shows</FONT f>


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That blows. The league is good. I think if the hitmen were 3-0 everything would be great in the league right now. I think the league should have really focused on new york. Whenever a team does good in new york it seems to be get alot more media attention. They should have really gotten us a sqaud. But lets hope they finish out the year. Maybe the hitmen will go 7-0 in their next 7 games. We can only pray. For o&a's sake. Oh yeah and the league's sake.
SOS where are you hearing this? Do you mean that the XFL may not even finish its 1st season?