The GAP trailer!


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Here is what you have all been waiting for:

OK, well it's a group of photos that follow in sequence to show movement. I think that's about all I can say.
That looks about as close to the opposite of awesome as you can get.
Paul should follow in Gails footsteps.


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I hope it shows up around my town or goes to DVD.


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Can't he get into trouble for making a non-union movie made with non-union actors and crew and hold a public screening? Is this is being billed as a legitimate flick?


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Hell, doesn't look any worse than those piece of shit Saw movies.


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I want this to go to DVD, for the specific reason that I know a guy who professionally reviews awful horror movies.


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One more week until the premiere of GAP! I hope a lot of you are going to attend the Hard Rock on February 22nd to see this! :clap:


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Who took the time to put together a professional-looking website (aside from the Google ads on the side :rolleyes: ) for a piece of shit like this?
I suppose you could do better? :D