The generic happy birthday thread.

Happy Birthday to anyone who sees this. If it isn't your birthday come back when it is.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
Thank you, i was going to start a thread just like this... happy birf day, now quit starting threads.....
Who made you the pope of this dump?
Who said I was? I just got sick of trying to keep up with all the birthday threads so I started one to cover anyone I missed. Birthdays much like the internet are serious business.


we love you patbattlefield

sorry we missed your birthday

love , your grandson Frank


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I just sort of see it as something where one thread to wish people a HB would keep things nice and tidy... or even a small subforum. I see no problem with that. People like it untidy though, so they possibly get to see their own name up there though. Thats why the ego thing plays a role IMO.
For the record, I expect no one to agree with that. heh.