Movie The Irishman - Scorsese reunites his biggest cash cows for one more


Liberal Psycopath

Great teaser.....looks solid. I am in even though Pesci looks awful.
The book was incredible. Why Dinero as the Irishman? He is going to need foot high lifts to match the actual Irishman. That being said I can’t wait to see this.

Side note. I was in an office 2 years ago telling my manager about this book. As we are talking a guy sitting there in his eighties asks us to come out side. He knew the Irishman and worked with him delivering chicken and whatever before the Irishman worked with the mob. The story in the book about them selling the goods from their truck were accurate. He said they basically put the company out of business. You could tell this guy was no nonsense back in the day. He said the Irishman was one tough mfer. He had no idea a book was written
Is this a movie about Danny Greene?

Didnt they make a movie back in the day about it?

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